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I'm just a person who has Hobby UTAU and MMD, I study Japanese and I'm a CV of Kiriyama voicebank LUAN.

Why did my old website go down?
R) Simple the company that hosted my website simply increased the price of my invoice in 120%, so I decided to use something free this time



Discord: YeDevs#4580

[email protected]

Coin is USD
$1 = 100 DA Points
Paypal Adress: [email protected]

DeepVocal Voicebanks:

CVVX Japanese DeepVo: First Pitch: $8 (+$4 for additional pitch) (Any RecList)

UTAU Voicebanks:

Japanese Voicebanks:

CV Any List: First Pitch: $1 (+$ 0,75 for additional pitch)
VCV Any List: First Pitch: $6 (+$ 3,00 for additional pitch)
CVVC Any List: First Pitch: $4 (+$ 2,00 for additional pitch)

ENG Voicebanks:

Cz VCCV: First Pitch: $12 (+$ 6,00 for additional pitch)

Spanish Voicebanks:

CV Any List: First Pitch: $3 (+$ 1,50 for additional pitch)
CVVC (Teren000 Recommended): First Pitch: $5 (+$ 2,50 for additional pitch)
VCCV Any List (Akup Recommended): First Pitch: $7 (+$ 4,00 for additional pitch)

Note: If your voicebank has more than 4 pitches you will receive a 15% discount on the total amount of your order.

Note: If you have a Voicebank in a method or language that is not listed contact me, I will inform the price based on the complexity of your voicebank.

VCV Sample (LUAN Kiriyama V2.1)

CVVC Sample (Nonoka V3.1)

CV Sample (Nonoka V3.1)

CVVC and VCCV Spanish Sample (LUAN Kiriyama)

Cz's VCCV Eng Sample (Arianwen Lloyd)

Voice Sample